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A residence permit also known as a residency permit is a certificate or card required in some areas that allows a foreign national to live in a country for a fixed or indefinite duration. Those may be conditional immigration permits or permanent residency permits. The exact rules vary according to country. Whether they can have a dual resident permit, many people always ask this question?

#Could a individual be a 2 country resident?

Dual residence comes as a result of you being in more than one country simultaneously for tax purposes. It is called dual residence. When you are a citizen of the UK and another country, you would need to look at the two-nation double taxation arrangement to figure out where you will pay tax. We bring all this information to you in order to let you know the intent of what you are going for and to give you a simple reason as your happiness is what we deserve, value, or explain the good we are making.

Which is a United States Resident Permit?
The permanent residence of the United States, informally known as a green card, is the legal status of a person allowed to permanently live and work in the United States of America. We manufacture the green card in less than no time quick shipping with our agent at the immigration service and separate packaging for more details contact us via call or text.

How is a Visa for Residents?
In general, a foreign citizen seeking to immigrate must be assisted by a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident immediate relative(s), or prospective U.S. employer, and have an approved petition prior to applying for an immigrant visa.
In Italy, the residency permit (permesso di soggiorno) is issued by the State Policy (Polizia di Stato); if the applicant has a travel visa (visto d’ingresso) for tourism, it must be demanded to be permitted to stay in the country for more than 8 days or more than 90 days. European people do not need it.

Permanent residency in Singapore is Singapore’s second-most eligible immigration status, second only to citizenship in Singapore. Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs) have most of the citizens’ rights, privileges, duties, and responsibilities, including National Service duties (waived for most adult applicants but not for their male children) and mandatory contributions from the Singapore Central Provident Fund. Notable exceptions include the freedom to vote and hold a public office in Singapore, more restricted public benefits such as medical and housing benefits, and a lower priority than residents in putting schools.

Singapore PRs are permitted to stay, work, research and retire without any time limit. However, PRs are subject to conditions for a Re-Entry Permit (REP) should they plan to leave Singapore for some amount of time for any reason. If a PR leaves Singapore without a valid REP, or if, when its REP expires, a PR is outside Singapore, the individual’s PR status ends immediately and irrevocably with rare exceptions.
The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore usually renews REPs for 5 years, subject to PRs showing any real residency, and economic or other related activity, in Singapore.
Two years after being given the PR status, PRs will apply for citizenship.

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