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Color Tunnel Unblocked Games

Color Tunnel Unblocked Games. Think ahead, be quick, and master color tunnel. Color tunnel is a free parkour racing game with a variety of moving obstacles and vibrant colors.

Color Tunnel Play Unblocked Games from

Tunnel rush unblocked this is a beautiful and crazy game that will test your speed and reaction. This game can never be blocked! Your aim is to make it to the finish of the tunnel and not crash.

You Need To Be Very Agile And Precise To See The Position Of The Incoming Obstacle And Quickly Shift Your Position Away To Avoid It.

Move the ball, avoid moving obstacles, and go as far as possible. The game suggests you restarting either from 0 meter or from the point where you died previously. Choose between endless challenge or by stages.

You Will Have To Act Very Fast To Get Safely Through The Gaps At Such High Speed.

Since you love color tunnel, now we present to you the newest edition of the game, color tunnel 2! You are moving in a tunnel full of color at a blazing speed and need to avoid obstacles in different shapes. As you pass, the speed of movement increases and the obstacles become more and more.

The Game Takes You Through Various Levels With Challenging New Obstacles The Further You Progress!

The second episode of color tunnel. Blaze your way through caves and tunnels. Every time you exceed your record a notice will appear and you.

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Use The Left And Right Arrows To Bypass Moving Obstacles In The Tunnel.

Your goal is to reach the end of the tunnel without crashing. Blaze your way through the tunnels at incredible speed while avoiding moving shapes and objects. This game can never be blocked!

Once You've Cleared The First Few Traps, You'll Be On A Variety Of Roads With New Obstacles That Are Blocking Your Path.

Your aim is to make it to the finish of the tunnel and not crash. In this new twist of the game, you have a ball now to control and dodge all the obstacles that will come your way. When you see the tunnel changes colors, textures and obstacles, it means you move to a new level.

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